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Stand Up Paddle Board Rental

Preço R$250
Rolar p Baixo

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental

R$250 por pessoa

R$ 250 per board per day

Duration: full day

 Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Highlights

✔️ Great exercise and fun for all ages. 

✔️ SUP Boat Tour is the perfect way to explore the islands, beaches and marine life in the bay of Paraty.

✔️ Top quality equipment: rigid and inflatable boards (recommended for speedboats), imported adjustable paddles (to avoid back pains) and leashes.


📃 Stand Up Paddle Board Rental description and information

Rent a boat for the day and take SUP boards with you!

The protected, flat waters of the bay of Paraty are perfect Stand Up Paddling conditions and by boat you get to explore the best spots in the bay! Swimming at beaches and islands, the views from the old gun emplacement, turtle spotting, and more… it’s all more fun on the paddle boards.

For beginners: warm flat water conditions are perfect for taking your first paddle strokes, mastering the balance and learning to SUP!

For experienced SUP paddlers: renting a boat means you can paddle as much as you like while friends and family can relax and enjoy their time on the boat. And the best part? You don’t need to think about conserving energy to paddle back.


SUP Rental

We rent stable boards for you to take on your boat tour in the bay of Paraty which you can use at the island and beach stops of the tour. Our adjustable paddles mean the paddle can be adjusted to your height giving you a better paddling stance and helping avoid unnecessary back pains. If you are taking a speedboat tour the inflatable boards are perfect as the will not damange the boat. Inflatable boards are very stable and resistant, perfect for families with kids and teens who want to play in the sea in a safe way.

Rent a SUP board and explore the Bay of Paraty in a different way on your Boat Tour!

About the SUP equipment:

  • Adjustable paddles (Red Paddle, imported) for your height.
  • SUP inflatable and hard boards 10’4 and 10’6.
  • Leash (keeps you attached to the board when on the water – compulsory use).

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SUPing is a great way to spot sea turtles.
An inflatable SUP board is perfect for speedboat tours (and kids!)
  Adjustable paddles to take the pressure off your back.
SUP boat tour in Paraty.
SUP boat tour route: You decide the route with your boatman. We recommned Jurumirim beach for turtle spotting, Mantimento Island for wildlife, Pescaria Island for seeing tropical fish and Cotia Island amongst other
Minimum age: 18 and over (for rental).
Equipment: We supply all the SUP equipment. Board ( size options 10'4 and 10'6), paddle and leash (compulsory use). For weak or non-swimmers  we recommend using a life jacket (supplied on board the boat).
Postponement and Cancellation Policy: In case of bad weather you can switch to another tour, postpone or cancel.

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