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Top Tips for rainy days in Paraty


Raining? In Paraty? Surely not.
At the push of a button google images will provide thousands of sun-kissed photos of Paraty’s islands, beaches, waterfalls and rainforest. Surely it won’t rain, will it? Well, the clue is in the last word and its component parts…rain and forest.
Paraty has one of the highest rainfalls in the country which can be frustrating for visitors in search of sun, and yet, on balance, this is a small price to pay for the lush Atlantic Rainforest that surrounds the town.

So, whilst this is all very environmentally correct just what the hell are you to do on those rainy days in the paradise that is Paraty?
Here are Paraty Explorer’s wet weather top tips, in reverse order we have:

#5 – ‘Isn’t that what red wine was invented for?’ – a Paraty Explorer favourite, courtesy of Steven of the Brazilian Beach House Company. Only a couple of flaws in this tip put it out of the running for the #1 spot. Let’s be honest here, it’s not exactly suitable for young children. And after potentially 3 or 4 days on the bottle you run the risk of a monster hangover.

#4 – Surfing – you’re going to get wet anyway so what’s the difference? As any Trekkie will tell you, ‘resistance is futile’, and oddly enough the sea feels warmer when it rains. So why not join The Borg in the surf. Lessons for kids also available.

#3 – City Tour & Casa da Cultura – with all those sunny days under your belt you’ve probably been too busy to soak up the rich and colourful history of the Old Town. Why are there so many churches for such a small town? Just where does the prince live? And didn’t anyone realise the high tides would flood the streets before the town was built?

#2 – Jeep tour – since lying around in the sun on a beach or a schooner is out of the question you’re best off keeping on the move. The jeep tours are a great way to get you out of your hotel and into the rainforest and its waterfalls. The waterfalls are in wild and beautiful locations but in these parts it’s all about being in them not just looking at them. Dive in, jump in, tarzan-style rope-swing over them, slide down huge rocks into them and that old favourite: ease yourself in, inch by inch, as obviously it won’t feel as cold that way!
Make sure the jeep stops off at Murycana, the sugar plantation dating back to the 17th Century – it’s a bit odd but fun and dona Hilda will offer you a delicious cup of coffee.

#1 – High-wire adventure trail at Paraty Sport Aventura. This is it. This is our all time tip top number 1 bomb-proof recommendation for rainy days in Paraty. Great fun for all the family, visitors from the UK will spot similarities with Go-Ape on this obstacle course suspended in the trees. 3 different levels of difficulty, a course for young children and with a zip-line sequence culminating in a 250m ‘flight’ over the river this adventure park has something for everyone.

Paraty Explorer accepts that this list is by no means complete. But what’s missing for those rainy days in Paraty? Why not add your own tips via the Comments?

Bookmark this page, you just might need it when you visit Paraty, and don’t leave home without a raincoat.

Paraty Explorer


  • Wanice

    novembro 8, 2011

    Rent a house!!! You’ll have more space to play cards, to have a bbq, relax in the Jacuzzi ….

  • David

    dezembro 8, 2011

    When it rains, it’s your big chance to go shopping for presents for the folks back home. Whilst your in the shops the braver people should go for some Brazilian swimwear! The only way to blend in fully on the beach is for the girls to get into a skimpy bikini and the guys to try out the infamous ‘budgie smugglers’. Then when the sun comes out again, you’ll be fully prepared!

  • Mariano

    janeiro 8, 2012

    At least it’s warm there so you can just embrace the fact that is only water and enjoy the shower. I can’t wait to get cleansed by the Paraty rain… maybe followed by a glass of wine? Thanks for the advice.

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    outubro 3, 2013

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