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Waterfalls in Paraty

Waterfalls in Paraty

In such an exuberant Atlantic Forest region, waterfalls are not lacking in Serra da Bocaina!

In Paraty the waterfalls are not just for taking pictures. To really enjoy it you need to take a dip, jump, slide, let the fall do a massage or just sit back and relax.

On tours and expeditions with Paraty Explorer, we chose the best waterfalls to visit in Paraty, some with easy access, others through beautiful and challenging trails within the Atlantic Forest.

Tobogã Waterfall: The classic waterfall of Paraty

The classic of Paraty! A large stone, which according to some stories, even the Indians already had fun slipping. We advise you to only go down sitting or lying down, if you have the courage. It is not to imitate the locals who go down surfing the rock while standing, but to watch their performance, yes.

Recommended tours: Walk in the Forest – Pancs, Gold Hiking

Waterfalls in Paraty

Poço do Tarzan: A large natural pooll

A large natural pool, perfect place to cool off after a trail. The arrival is through a suspension bridge of steel cables, over the river. Beautiful scenery, total relaxation!

Recommended tours: Walk in the Forest – Pancs, Gold Hiking

Waterfalls in Paraty

Melancia Waterfall

The waterfall with the biggest fall in Paraty in the middle of a super preserved forest and for many people the most beautiful in Paraty. Access by trail, a challenging walk with great reward!

Recommended tour: Hiking in Melancia Waterfall

Waterfalls in Paraty

Saco Bravo Waterfall:

The pool with natural infinity edge, at the edge of the sea. Access by a challenging trail that starts in the fishing village of Ponta Negra. As it is a place of immense natural and cultural beauty, we recommend making the most of it and spending 02 days so as not to miss the best beaches in the region.

Recommended tour: Hiking in Saco Bravo Waterfall (02 days).

Waterfalls in Paraty

Rio Grande Waterfall (Saco do Mamanguá):

Unique waterfall accessible from kayaks or canoes. A large well to cool off after an unforgettable paddle in the Saco do Mamanguá mangrove.

Recommended tour: Mamangua Fiorde Tropical (03 days kayaking)

Waterfalls in Paraty

Tours recommended for visiting Waterfall in Paraty


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