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Sea Kayak Rental & Outfitting

Rolar p Baixo

Sea Kayak Rental & Outfitting

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R$ 250,00 per kayak

Daily rate

Sea Kayak Rental Highlights

✔️ Top quality fibre glass Sea Kayaks with rudders

✔️ Stable double and single kayaks available Get to know Paraty in the best way: with a kayak.

✔️ Complete equipment: imported paddles, spraydecks, tow ropes, pumps, lifejackets 

✔️ Full logistical support: itinerary planning, accommodation options, local contacts.

📃 Sea Kayak Rental description and information

Sea Kayak Rental with Paraty Explorer, leading Outfitter in Brazil with over 10 years experience.

Are you a paddler? Blown away by the stunning images of the Costa Verde coastline? Imagining yourself paddling up to a deserted sandy beach? Can you feel the first ice cold beer of the day slipping down having paddled 10km or 15km in the morning?

Then read on…

As far as we are aware Paraty Explorer is the only Outfitter in Brazil that rents out single and double sea kayaks for self-guided day and multi-day trips. To create and run your own kayak expedition in Brazil is an exciting prospect. However, there is significant risk involved. For your safety and our peace of mind, we hold high prerequisites and screen paddlers carefully before renting kayaks. There is no rescue service in the Paraty/ Costa Verde (Green Coast) area. Before renting we consider the following factors:

  • Certification or references
  • Experience and comfort in kayaks with rudders in wind, swell & surf
  • Multi-day kayak experience (either camping or lodge-based as appropriate)
  • A leader/decision maker/responsible person for navigation and safety
  • Basic Portuguese (or Spanish) language ability

We consider the experience of the paddlers in your group, the experience of the group leader (the person responsible for the expedition) and the level of difficulty of the itinerary. If you have little or no sea kayaking experience we recommend a guided multiday trip.

What is the ideal itinerary for my group?

We offer all the support you need to set up the right itinerary for your group, including stopping options (beaches, islands, waterfalls, hiking), paddling distance options per day, where to stay (campsites, guest houses, rental cottages and houses), where to eat, community-based activities, etc

Initially, we recommend you study the Paraty Explorer 02, 03 and 05 day Guided Multiday trips, and build your itinerary on top of them.

Paraty: getting there

The nearest international airports are in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo as Paraty is located midway between these two cities. The journey by road to Paraty is approximately 4 or 5 hours. More info in our blogs:

Rio de Janeiro to Paraty

São Paulo to Paraty

What our customers say:

¨A true heaven for sea kayakers!¨
Michael responded very quickly to our emails and suggested an amazing route. Following some rigorous questioning, which made perfect sense; Michael agreed to rent us a wonderful sleek double. He also suggested places to camp and made the reservations for us. We packed our clothing, camping gear, food & drinking water for five days and off we went. Michael escorted us for the first couple of hours, again just to make sure that we were comfortable in the kayak, and that he could see for himself that we were experienced competent kayakers. After all were setting off for an adventure in the Atlantic Ocean!
Eric, Israel, December 2017

¨Wonderful outfitter!
Everything was better than expected to the point that we are hoping to come back next year. The area is gorgeous and Paraty Explorer makes it accessible and low stress¨
Adrienne, California, July 2016

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Paddling the beautiful Costa Verde. On the Costa Verde each end brings a new surprise: a beach, an island or an unforgettable view.
Arriving at the entrance to Saco do Mamanguá.
Route: You define the route and duration with our guidelines. We recommend a 03 day course on the base of our Mamanguá 03 days Kayak, the classic paddle of Brazil.
Difficulty Level: Light to challenging, remembering that we only rent to groups with experienced paddlers.
Minimum age: 18 years or more.
Equipment: We supply all kayak equipment – single ocean kayak or double ocean kayak (86cm x 47cm cockpits), paddles (imported: Werner, Bending Branches), life jackets (mandatory use), skirts, waterproof bags (2 x 30l per person), pumps, tow ropes. Discount for those who bring their own kayak.
What to bring: Water - Minimum 1.5L per day, Sunscreen, Hat or cap, Sunglasses, Swimwear; Dry clothes and towel (kanga); Necessaire (soap, shampoo); flashlight (headlamp better); repellent; evening clothes (long pants and long sleeves recommended); raincoat or coat; slippers; sneakers or hiking shoes; blouse/sweatshirt; Cash.
Postponement and Cancellation Policy: In case of bad weather you can switch to another tour, postpone or cancel.
Note: Wild camping is not allowed in protected areas.

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