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Gold Hiking

Price R$200 4h | Difficulty: Medium
Roll down

Gold Hiking

R$200 per person

Gold Hiking Tour Highlights


✔️ Know the history of Paraty on the Gold hiking.

✔️ Cool off at Poço do Tarzan Waterfalls, Escorrega Waterfall and Tobogã Waterfall.

✔️ Visit a Cachaçaria and try the flavors of Paraty RJ.

✔️ Accredited Tourism Guide.

📃 Description and information of the Gold Hiking in Paraty

The walk along the Gold Trail in Paraty is an excellent opportunity to learn about history and enjoy the waterfalls of Poço do Tarzan and Cachoeira do Escorrega. This tour of the Gold Trail is recommended for active people who want to know the nature and history of Paraty.

The Gold Trail is part of the famous Gold Trail, which was known as a stretch of the famous Peabiru Trail. Trail of the Guaianases Indians, which connected the plateau with the sea. For what purpose? We only reveal it live, without spoiler …

Likewise, there were branches all over the continent, leaving São Vicente and making connections from Paraty to the city of Cuzcu, Peru.

After the arrival of the Europeans, it was discovered and used to discover and explore the interior of the colony.

The Caminho do Ouro was built and paved by enslaved Africans in the 18th century to facilitate access and drain gold and precious stones from the region known as Minas Gerais, along with sugar and coffee from the Paraíba valley, to the port of Paraty.

In the middle of the Atlantic Forest, the Caminho do Ouro is still there. Guarding the history of the Gold Trail in Paraty.

No longer in the same way as it should have been, but the stretch of the Caminho do Ouro in Paraty still preserves, much of it paved; runoff from water; stones still with a brand of tools; trees; birds and flowers.

Check the video of the channel I prefer to travel with Paraty Explorer

Immerse yourself in the history, culture, nature and rivers of Paraty, on this path along the Gold Trail.

At the end of the Gold Trail, we visited and stopped at two famous waterfalls in Paraty, the Poço do Tarzan waterfall, Escorrega waterfall and Tobogã waterfall.

The first, with a beautiful swimming pool. The second, slipping on the rock to the bottom pit, for the more adventurous.

We take advantage of the rest time to contemplate the surrounding landscape and bathe in the clean water that comes down from the mountain.

After recovered energies, we headed towards a cachaça distillery. learning and how the brandy process takes place. Good to also experience the flavors and aromas of Paraty cachaças.

As well as a flour mill, which still manufactures some of the best manioc flour in the city.

Come and fall in love with this stretch of the Estrada Real with Paraty Explorer!

Get to know Paraty and its rich nature in a different way, with fun, lots of history and experienced guides.

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  • Departure Time
    09:00 (Regular tour) | Private Tour: Get in touch
  • What to wear
    Light clothes, comfortable sneakers, hat / cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
Get to know the history of Paraty on a stretch of the Gold Hiking

In the midst of nature, you can discover traces of the history of Paraty and Brazil.

Cool off at Tarzan Pit and Escorrega Waterfalls
Trilha do Ouro em Paraty

Tarzan Well, great place to swim

Trilha do Ouro em Paraty

Crossing the rivers of the Atlantic Forest in Paraty

Visit a Cachaçaria and try the flavors of Paraty

Manufacture of Cachaça and Sweets


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What to bring to the Gold Trail: Water - Minimum 1.5L, Cash.

Route: Trail and Walk on uneven terrain, not accessible to wheelchair users and not suitable for people with spine and knee problems.

Difficulty Level: Medium.

Group size: Minimum of 2 people; Maximum 12 people

Minimum age: For all ages. Children must be accompanied by a guardian (50% discount for children under 14 years old).

Postponement and Cancellation Policy: In case of bad weather you can switch to another tour, postpone or cancel. 
Covid-19: Seguimos os protocolos de segurança.

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