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Rio de Janeiro to Paraty – Getting there

How to get from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty

Complete guide to getting to Paraty

Located on the coast midway between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Paraty is easily accessible by road. There is a an airport, but there are no commercial regular flights. If you feel like splashing out you can pay for a helicopter (Calvin Klein did!) but if you’re not in CK’s league you’re coming by road.

In Brazil terms this is a short journey, about 4 or 5 hours from Rio to Paraty, depending on traffic, roadworks etc.

Bear in mind that during high season and national holidays the roads can be very busy and you should book in advance for car rentals, buses and airport/ city transfers. Make sure you check out the tips on the Best Things To Do in Paraty at the end of the post. After all this is the fun bit after you’ve made the journey!

Rent a Car 


These days, with navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps driving to Paraty is much easier, even though the roadsigns aren’t always clear. But once you are out of Rio the views from the Rio – Santos highway (BR101) are spectacular. Don’t be misled by the distance, this is a slow and windy road hugging the coastline between the delightful Costa Verde bays and beaches on your left and the Coastal Mountain range on your right. Whilst it’s only 230km this is not an Autobahn so it’s to take advice on journey duration and not calculate by applying km/hour.

The great advantage is the independence having your own car gives you in Paraty. You won’t need to stay within walking distance of the old town so this opens up a whole range of accommodation, from cheap and cheerful to luxury and everything in between. You can also visit the local beaches (journeys of up to 30km one way) and waterfalls and freshwater pools (journeys of up to 10km one-way).

A quick search on Google and you’ll find all the major international car rental companies in Rio: Hertz, Localiza, etc

Rio de Janeiro to Paraty by Bus! 


Comfortable, spacious and safe there are regular buses from Rio. Catching the bus in Brazil can be fun. Sit on the left side of bus when coming from Rio to make the most of the spectacular views once you are out of the city. Don’t sleep!

Buses from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty depart from Rio Novo bus station
Bus company Costa Verde Transportes
Normal schedule has buses throughout the day

Private Transfer 


It’s possible to book private transfers by minibus or by car for maximum comfort and convenience. Uber is offering competitive rates if you don’t fancy a Taxi or private car service. Or you can buy through local Paraty tourism agencies. Journey time from Rio to Paraty about 4 or 5 hours.

Regular door-to-door Minibus Transfers


Door-to-door service takes the stress out of travel and keeps costs down by sharing the journey with other people.
Easy Transfer Brazil is the most popular with 3 times per day. The journey akes anything from 6 to 7 hours, longer if there is traffic.

The Easy Transfer service is temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic but will return at some stage. It is very competitively priced (about the same as the regular bus once you add in the taxi journeys at either end) which makes it popular so the minibuses tend to be quite full.
Easy Transfer also covers Ilha Grande with boat/ minibus combo.
You will meet a lot of backpackers!

Paraty Tours offers Rio de Janeiro to Paraty minibus transfers. A bit more expensive but a nicer fleet of minibuses. 3 to 4 times per day from Rio de Janeiro.

Ride-sharing app


Book yourself on a ride-sharing app and meet the locals! This is a relatively new option in Brazil. BlaBlaCar is proving to be one of the fastest growing apps so you are more likely to find rides available. Register here on the blablacar site

Sailing boat


You really can’t beat sailing past Rio’s iconic Sugarloaf as you head out towards the luscious Costa Verde. And add in an overnight stop on Ilha Grande and you’ve created an unforgettable travelling experience. The only surprise is that more people don’t do it!
Duration: anything from 2 days to a week.

Things to do in Paraty


Before you book your onward travel check out all that Paraty has to offer. Don’t miss out! Although a popular weekend destination for Brazilians it’s difficult to do Paraty justice in just a couple of days. There are over 50 islands and more than 100 beaches to explore in addition to the hiking trails, waterfalls and freshwater pools in the Atlantic Forest. Check out this blog post on The Best Things to do in Paraty and get planning!

Outside the major holidays you can probably get away without booking in advance but it’s always a good idea to book early to avoid disappointment. For tours there are only so many English-speaking guides in Paraty. And once you find that special boat for a day trip the chances are that other people are also looking at it!

Waterfalls in Paraty

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