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Paraty Mangrove

Mangrove in Paraty

A tour of the mangrove tropical eco-system is an unforgettable part of any visit to Paraty.

Mangrove, also known as a tidal forest, is made up of plants that are resistant to salt water and can be found in the transitional zone between sea and land in the tropics. With its nutrient filled waters the mangrove, often referred to as a marine nursery, is the perfect place for young fish, shrimp and crabs to grow in a safe environment.

Brazil has approximately 15% of the world’s total mangrove and historically Paraty, with its protected bays, has been an important centre for mangrove supporting marine life in the larger Bay of Ilha Grande and an integral part of the local Caicara way of living.

Mangrove can be found throughout the municipality. Some of the best places to observe mangrove are by the Itu Island in the bay of Paraty, the Fundao Bay and Mamangua Bay.

You can get close to Mangrove by boat but to really get up close and personal its best by canoe or kayak. A kayak tour that includes a visit to the mangrove is an enjoyable and entertaining way to observe the wildlife – fish, shrimp, crabs and birds – and better understand how the eco-system works and its importance to the environment and local economy.

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