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Paraty Historic Center

Paraty Historic Center

Strolling through the streets of the Historic Center is like walking into a large open-air museum from the 19th century. Churches, stone streets and houses, the largest concentration of colonial architecture in Brazil. It creates a unique, charming and dazzling atmosphere.

With the arrival of Portugal in Guaianá and Tubinambá lands, the mixture was ready in Paraty. The rich influences of diverse ancestral cultures, the native, the coming of Africa and Europe, made this colonial city an obligatory stop. Before for explorers in search of wealth, now for lovers of Culture, Gastronomy, good music and Adventure.

How to resist the visit?

Colonial houses, turned into souvenir shops, inns, ice cream parlors (gelateria Miracolo ice cream), bank, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, Casa da Cultura and theater.

The churches, still imposing and postcards of the city. In times of music festivals, they became stages for classical music.

Indians still circulate here, Guaranis and Pataxós, no longer owners of the land, but representing their culture and art.
Street artists, you can find yourself around a corner, with music, performances or reciting poems.

Tourist pier and the famous Matriz square, also make up the postcards of Paraty.

How not to be enchanted?

And if we talk about the events that take place in Paraty, they are many and diverse, for all tastes.
Music, book, photo, films, gastronomy, bird watching, football, dance and religious festivals.
Phew, every month there is a good festival to enjoy.

Come and discover the history of Paraty, through the tours and experiences we conducted.

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