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Ilhas de Paraty

Paraty Bay

Paraty Bay

Set against the panoramic backdrop of the Rainforest covered coastal mountain range the bays of Paraty have so much to offer visitors. With over 50 islands and more than 100 beaches there is no shortage of places to explore in the protected waters. And looking beyond the more traditional attractions, the tropical mangrove, the historic ruins and the fishing villages of the local caiçara communities help explain why Paraty has been recognised by UNESCO for its biodiversity and culture.

On day tours and multiday trips through the Bay of Paraty, we visit the best places for natural beauty, biodiversity and local culture.

Mangrove in Paraty Bay

Mangrove, the forest found between the high and low tides, plays a crucial role in the tropical ecosystem. With its nutrient filled waters the mangrove, often referred to as a marine nursery, is the perfect place for young fish, shrimp and crabs to grow in a safe environment.

Near Jabaquara beach there is mangrove that can be entered by kayak or canoe.

Paraty Bay - Manguezal

Rosa beach

Lots of shade, great for swimming and a beautiful view of the entire bay Rosa Beach is a favourite with the locals in Paraty. The beach can be reached via a 10 minute trail through the forest but it’s much nicer arriving by kayak!

Paraty Bay - Rosa Beach

Tapera Fort

One of the most beautiful views of the Paraty bay is from the remnants of an old Portuguese fort which protected the bay against pirates and privateers during the time of Colonial Brazil.

Accessible by kayak or boat, the Tapera Fort is a great stop.
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Paraty Bay -Tapera-Fort

Jurumirim Beach

Known as the beach of Amyr Klink, a famous Brazilian explorer, this beach is really special. A golden sandy beach, protected waters, surrounded by dense Atlantic Forest on all sides this is also a great spot to see turtles.

Paraty Bay -Jurumirim-Beach

Araújo Island

Home to a vibrant local Caiçara culture Araújo island continues to live off the sea. The highlight of the year in Araujo is the shrimp festival in June, celebrating the end of the annual 03 month shrimp fishing ban.

Cocos Island

The in-place, everyone wants to take a selfie at Cocos Island. Very clear water, excellent for snorkeling. A little further away, but by speedboat you can be there quickly.

Ilha dos cocos

Cotia Island

A favourite with the sailing crowd it’s difficult to find flatter waters for mooring your boat in Paraty. Cotia island is very small, but with two distinctly different beaches. It’s a little further away, almost arriving at Paraty Mirim, but worth visiting.

Paraty Bay - Cotia Island

Mamanguá Bay

Known as a Brazil’s tropical fjord, Mamanguá has it all – beautiful natural surroundings, a vibrant Caiçara culture and great seafood restaurants. The highlights are the panoramic views from the Mamanguá Sugarloaf Peak hike and the extensive mangrove of the Rio Grande. You can visit Mamanguá on a day tour, but to really soak up the atmosphere we recommend you spend a night or two. The magical moments are before the day-trippers arrive and after they go home at the end of the day.

Paraty Bay - Saco do mamangua

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