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Paraty Bay

Paraty Bay

Paraty Bay is where the forest descends the mountain and touches the sea. Protected coves, mangrove areas, abundant fishing, caiçaras villages creating a mosaic of culture and living natures!

There are an average of 65 islands within the bay of Paraty, which are part of the bay of Ilha Grande. With several caiçaras communities that surround the entire bay.

Simultaneously, it is an area protected by the APA of the Bay of Paraty.

On trips and expeditions through the Bay of Paraty, we choose the places we think we need to visit, for their beauty, culture or tranquility.

Mangrove area near Jabaquara beach

A place full of marine life, ideal for understanding how life happens in this area and why we must preserve it.

Paraty Bay - Manguezal

Rosa beach

Yes, Paraty also has its Rosa beach, not so famous, but full of charm and very peaceful. Accessible by land, but much more pleasant arriving by kayak. Lots of shade, great for swimming and a beautiful view of the entire bay.

Paraty Bay - Rosa Beach

Tapera Fort

Remnants of an old Portuguese fort, which protected the bay of Paraty against pirates and privateers during the time of Colonial Brazil, gives way to one of the most beautiful views in Paraty.
Accessible by kayak or boat, it is very worth knowing.
Take a selfie and book us there, commenting if it was worth visiting or not @paratyexplorer

Paraty Bay -Tapera-Fort

Jurumirim Beach

Known as the beach of Amyr Klink, famous Brazilian navigator, this beach is beautiful, super protected, abundant nature and great chance to see sea turtles.

Paraty Bay -Jurumirim-Beach

Araújo Island

Great Caiçara stronghold, very close to the continent, still maintaining a strong tradition of the sea and fishing.
Location of the famous shrimp festival of Paraty.

Coconuts Island

The sensation of the Moment. Everyone wants to take a selfie there. Very clear water, excellent for snorkeling. A little further away, but going by speedboat is quick.

Paraty Bay -Green-Coast-Beaches

Cotia Island

Getting close to Paraty Mirim; this island is far away, but it is worth visiting.
Small, with two beaches to visit, very different from each other, at the same time that they are so close.
Excellent place for anchoring vessels looking for safe places to stay overnight.

Paraty Bay - Cotia Island

Saco do Mamanguá

Paradise caiçara, either because of the exuberant nature, or because of the culture that its residents preserve, or because of the excellent food we find. What is certain is that if you come to Paraty, you need to know.
Marine nursery of several species of sea and sky, incredible preserved mangrove area and the hike to Pico do Mamanguá, complete the adventure.

Paraty Bay - Saco do mamangua

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