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Kayak Tours in Paraty

Kayak Tours in Paraty

Considered by many rowers as the file mignon of the Brazilian coast, those who like ocean kayaking cannot miss this paradise for canoeing. Paraty offers everything for those who enjoy kayaking – from sheltered waters for beginners rowers to Ponta do Juatinga where the open sea demands respect from even the most experienced rowers. All along the coast you can count on beautiful and deserted beaches, tropical islands, stunning mangroves, and lush Atlantic Forest on all sides. And all this scenery is always accompanied by the incredible panoramic view of Serra da Bocaina.

Along the water trails of Paraty you can also embark on a journey through the history and culture of our antecedents, the Caiçaras and the indigenous people who traveled the coast in their canoes. Curious? See The Water Trails on the blog.

There are kayak trips in Paraty for all tastes and dispositions; 4-hour tours perfect for beginners to 5-day kayak expeditions for the most experienced rowers.

Among other highlights of kayak trips in Paraty include:

Wildlife Observation

Observation of wildlife: the rhythm and silence of a kayak trip facilitates the observation of marine life, whether in the mangrove, stopping on islands or in the open sea.

Tour indicated: Kayak Tour, Kayak Crossing in Paraty,Kayak Crossing in Paraty x Camburi

Saco do Mamanguá

Also popularly known as the only Tropical Fjord in Brazil, where a kayak trip in the mangrove is an unmissable experience. And the trail to the peak of Pão de Açucar do Mamanguá is a beautiful opportunity to rest your arms and exercise your legs.

Recommended tours: Kayak Crossing in Paraty x Mamangua

North of Paraty Bay

A kayak tour on the north side of Paraty bay, which is not very busy, takes you to deserted beaches and tropical islands, not forgetting a visit to the mangrove ecosystem

Recommended tour: Kayak Crossing in Paraty, Kayak Crossing in Paraty x Camburi, Kayak Tour

The most beautiful beaches in Paraty

After turning every corner on the coast, you always have a nice surprise! And a kayak tour is a different way of getting to know the most beautiful beaches in the region, including Praia do Jurumirim, Praia Vermelha and Praia da Lula

Recommended tour: Kayak Crossing in Paraty

Come and have fun on kayak trips and explore Paraty in a different way!

Recommended Kayak Tours in Paraty


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