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Green Coast Expeditions

Green Coast Expeditions

Exploring and discovering a part of the Costa Verde, in the municipality of Paraty, with whom you know each beach, people and traditions, makes all the difference. Even more if we sleep in the houses of residents in traditional caiçaras villages. Breakfast, lunch and dinner made as if it were at “grandma’s house”

Praia da Ponta Negra, Saco do Mamanguá and Praia Vermelha are always places that we are so used to going and staying, that it feels like a little piece of home.

On our expeditions through Paraty, which can be done on foot or by kayak, we pass through bucolic scenery of rich nature, culture and history. These activities for all levels of fitness and time available. The certainty is that it always combines safety, fun, discoveries and connection with nature.

Come and experience and know a Paraty, outside of the most popular tours and immerse yourself in the history and culture of this place, which was one of the most important ports in colony Brazil.

Crossing the Juatinga by kayak

It is for those who have physical fitness, experience kayaking and want to leave the comfort zone. Long paddling legs, descending on beaches with waves and open sea.

Hiking in Saco Bravo Waterfall

It has a perfect combination of medium walking on the first day, passing by the traditional Sono beach, the isolated Antigos beach and the remote village of Ponta Negra. On the second day, you have to face the hill, with many decides and climbs to the infinite edge waterfall that empties into the sea.

Red Beach

It is ideal for kayaking beginners and for those experienced paddlers who have little time, weekends, but who want to put their paddle in the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Saco do Mamanguá 

It is a perfect combination of paddling and a bit of walking. Discover the rich marine life of this natural nursery, paddling through the mangrove area, rivers and beaches. In addition to climbing the famous Pico do Mamanguá, with an incredible view from up there.

Saco do Mamanguá - Mamangua - Fjord brasileiro

Expeditions on the Green Coast in Paraty


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