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Ecotourism and adventure tourism in Paraty

Ecotourism and adventure tourism in Paraty


Until very recently the colonial old town centre of Paraty has grabbed all the limelight! But nowadays the potential for ecotourism and adventure tourism has been attracting more and more visitors to the region. Discover why!

Surrounded by the rainforest covered coastal mountain range and the sea, Paraty is a natural playground for people looking for Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism.

Para os praticantes do turismo de aventura, aqui encontra um dos locais com mais variadas opções:

For adventure tourism practitioners, here is one of the places with the most varied options:

– Day hiking and walking;

– Multiday hiking and trekking;

– Ziplining and abseiling;

– Rafting;

– Stand up paddleboarding;

– Sea Kayaking day tours;

– Sea Kayaking expeditions;

– Surfing;

– Biking;

– Cross buoy;

– Wakeboard;

– Canyoning, amongst others.

And when you add to this great food, a vibrant local culture, fascinating history and accommodation to suit all budgets, it’s difficult to imagine a better Adventure tourism destination in Brazil.

Yet it is in terms of Ecotourism that Paraty can really excel, as long as you are with the right guides. Our day tours and multiday trips are low impact, always considering the protection of this rich and biodiverse environment and the cultural protection of the local Caiçara people. Respecting, learning and living in their territory in the least invasive way possible.

For us at Paraty Explorer, there is one main ingredient that must be present in true Ecotourism – learning! On all our tours and multliday trips we seek to better understand our natural surroundings and the local culture in a sustainable way.

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