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Cultural Tourism in Paraty

Cultural Tourism in Paraty

Possibly occupied by Europeans since the middle of the 16th century, Paraty, like all of Brazil, is the birthplace of a miscegenated people.

Native peoples of Brazil left the language, the cuisine, the knowledge of the forest, the sustainable use of natural resources, knowledge of the climate and the migration of fauna

The African people who were brutally enslaved and brought by force to the Americas, left the language and a very rich culture.


Fine arts, music and dance, cooking, ancestral knowledge.

The European People, brought “evolution”. Language, Religion, slavery, ships, weapons, extensive agriculture, architecture.

With that, Paraty is a rich cultural cradle.

Traditional festivals, lifestyle, gastronomy and knowledge of the sea and the forest, which enchants and enriches our tours.

With a focus on cultural experience, we take our visitors to get to know the caiçaras villages up close.

Sleeping in houses and cottages in the villages, eating delicious food, fishing, making boats, dancing and fishing with them.

The people of Paraty and their culture also gave Paraty the title of Unesco

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