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Boat tours in Paraty

Boat tours in Paraty

World renowned for its boat trips. Colorful boats, following the same style as the doors and windows of the historic center. Before the arrival of the tourism cycle, these boats were used for fishing. Trawl fishing, net, longline. They spent days at sea, sun, rain and away from home. With the arrival of tourism, they saw a new and better option, taking visitors for a walk. They remodeled the boats, adapted and without the smell of fish, started nautical tourism in Paraty.

Of different sizes, fast or slower to enjoy nature, the truth is that those who have already left the boat in Paraty are enchanted. If you haven’t taken this tour yet, we’ll tell you what you’re missing:

  • Crystal clear water islands such as Fishery Island and Fulfilled Island
  • The Atlantic forest descending from the highest mountains, until it touches the salt water.
    Micro bays, coves, coastal areas full of fish and turtles, perfect for a swim. Among them are Praia do Jurumirim, Ilha do Mantimento and Praia Vermelha.
  • Caiçara restaurants, maintaining the culture of good cuisine in Paraty
  • Jumping fish, diving birds and on the lucky day, dolphins accompanying the boat.

Okay or want more?

Tranquility of a cove that can be yours alone, if on a private boat ride.

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