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Atlantic Forest of Paraty

Atlantic Forest of Paraty

It descends from the highest peaks and touches the sea. So is the Atlantic Forest in Paraty.
Descending through the Bocaina mountain range and reaching the bay of Paraty, with its water protected by the mountains and mangrove areas.

The Atlantic Forest is home to our fauna, which ranges from the smallest amphibians and birds, through monkeys, toucans, sloths, agouti and capybara to the great predator, Puma Concolor, our Brown Jaguar.

The flora, very rich, how rich are the different environments in the mountains of Paraty.
Varying according to the height in relation to the sea, precipitation and proximity to fresh water.

Palm trees of the most varied, Jatobás, Ipês, Xaxim, Bromélias, Guapuruvus, Orchids, Pau D’Alho, Cedros until reaching the sea, with guaranas and Caxetas, giving place to trees with aerial roots, from the flooded areas of the Mangrove.

This set forms the Atlantic Forest here in Paraty.
Our mandatory role in the conservation of Nature, Communities and Culture in Paraty is very clear.
Our tours in the Atlantic Forest have always had and will always have a loving and careful eye on everything that surrounds us.

And this is very clear when on some walks, we chew some leaves, eat fruit and feel new aromas.
It is also clear, when the guide, takes a shovel from the backpack and replants it or takes the floating mangrove seeds and plants them.

Our goal is this, to launch this affection and understanding of the forest and the Atlantic Forest to all our customers.

In addition to fun, connection with nature, security. Our tours also aim to convey the message that we belong to Nature and we need to take care of it.

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