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Reviews – Paraty Explorer – Adventure & Active Travel in Brazil

Paraty Explorer Reviews:
Certificates of Excellence 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017
Since 2009 we have been delivering top quality day and multi-day trips in the region.
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‘An extraordinary experience that went above and beyond anything I expected’

Lauren, USA
I was expecting simply a nice kayaking trip, but getting a brief tour of Paraty, exploring the mangroves, learning about the ecology of the estuary, visiting the caiçara villages and learning about their history and culture, hiking through the mata atlântica up to the peak, and wow, the *food*, by candlelight even, all made for an extraordinary experience that went above and beyond anything I expected. It was really nice to get away from touristy Paraty and see something unique. Rodrigo was an excellent guide and I enjoyed his company. thanks again to both of you!

‘Excellent hiking’

Tom Hennigan, The Irish Times
WITH SPECTACULAR mountains ringing the bay, there is excellent hiking for the more adventurous. In April I joined a three-day trek through the car-free nature reserve that is the Juatinga Peninsula. This involved hiking on trails often through dense rainforest which every so often would suddenly break to provide stunning views of empty tropical beaches that we climbed down to for a dip.

Each night we slept in small fishing villages where creature comforts were few – electricity is a recent arrival – but the fish dinners were excellent. Our destination was the village of Pouso da Cajaíba, a collection of small houses on a golden beach where high tide looks as if it will spill into the small church.
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‘Original and off the beaten track’

Simon, Bristol, UK
3 of the very best days I could imagine in Paraty were two day hikes with Paddy to Sitio Sao Jose, up the Pau de Azucar in Saco de Manangua, and kayaking in the stunning Paraty bay. Really superb! Sincere congrats not only the original and off-the-beaten-track content of the trips (for example the Sitio which was fascinating, fantastic vision to work with this unique place) but also on achieving a rare guiding mix of great fun, humour, exercise, knowledge and professionalism.
Would highly recommend to anyone to take a trip with Paraty Explorer!

‘Wonderful hiking experience’

Lox56, Bloomington, USA
‘My 22 year old daughter and I (53 year old mom) had a wonderful hiking experience with Rodrigo of Paraty Explorer. The view from Mamangua was amazing, but it was also fun to hike through the forest and enjoy the peaceful beaches of the area.’

‘An amazing insight into sustainable living’

Sean and Angela, Chicago, USA
‘We had a fantastic day exploring the rainforest and the agro-forestry of the eco-farm. Michael was a great guide and made us feel really welcomed. He is fluent in Portuguese and is a native English speaker so was a great interpreter for us to get the most out of our visit with the family who run and own the farm. The family were lovely hosts and served us the tastiest lunch. The sons were very knowledgeable and could explain so much about the rainforest. It was truly amazing to see the family living in harmony with the rainforest. I totally recommended this tour to get a true insight into life in the rainforests in the region.’

‘A superb day out’

Roland, London, UK
‘Added to the pristine scenery and challenge of pulling yourself up the slopes on ropes, was the fun company of our guide, Mike aka Paddy from Paraty Explorer (google them, they don`t have an office), who gave us a good explanation of the local geography and flora and fauna, while also ensuring we make it safely up …. and down from the peak. All in all a superb day out and you can certainly reward yourself with a few caiprinias after returning home.’

‘Highlight of my trip’

Heather, NYC, USA
‘Excellent guides who are fun and inspiring and a wonderful hike’